Mercer Friendly
are an electronic music duo consisting of Jason Merritt and James Wolcott, both natives of Lincoln, Nebraska. Formed in 1993, they are now currently based in New York City creating music and sound design for most media.

Slap Happy

Art Basel Miami 2011

MF scored this promotional video which appeared at Art Basel Miami 2011 for an invitational sticker book curated by:
Paul Weston and DB Burkeman.

More info available here.


iPhone, iPad

Minions were definitely harmed in the creation of the music and sound-design for this single-player FPS.


A small sampling of our music


iPhone, iPad

Music and sound design for Villain's character-based matching game.


iPhone, iPad

This best-selling multi-player FPS game features MF's music and sound design.

Groovin Blocks

Wii, PS3, iPhone, iPad

MF provided the sound design and many of the music tracks for this rhythm-based puzzle game.